the SUITS are a Boston rock band.


Incepted in 2010, the SUITS began as an unlikely motley crew of young Bostonians working in various industries unrelated to music.  Upon joining forces, there was no stopping the rock/pop odyssey that would ensue. Internationally known for their live energy and charisma, the SUITS' dynamic repertoire bursts at the seams with crowd pleasers and soul screamers. Whether new or old, alt or pop, endeared or forgotten, once the SUITS shed their suits, they've got it covered.


the SUITS uphold a tradition of perpetual adaptivity.  As such, our lineup revolves from time to time down a bench of carefully selected personnel but, fear not, loyal fans; we pledge to stay true to our cover band roots, no matter the cost.  Please see the list below for all Suits, both past and present.

Current Line Up:

Corey Chaloff (Drums)

Blake Chanowski (Lead Vocals)

Peter Dotson-Westphalen (Bass)

David Lank (Guitar, Keys, Vocals)

Alex Linsky (Guitar)


About the SUITS


The Bench

Gavin Bodkin (Bass)

Jon Gillick (Guitar, Keys, Vocals)

Ben Goldberg (Drums)

Kyle Harris (Drums)

Evan Lank (Melodica, Rhymes)

Oren Malinsky (Guitar)

Matt Monahan (Bass)

Evan Press (Drums)

Alex Santiago (Drums)

Jim Speros (Vocals, Harmonica)

Shanna Gershman (Lead Vocals)